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I provide substantive copyediting and proofreading services for completed manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction.


This is a complete, thorough edit of your manuscript using Track Changes in Word. I do a minimum of two passes through your work to catch and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, continuity, word choice, awkward phrasing, and spelling.

  • Chicago Manual of Style

  • Merriam-Webster or Oxford English Dictionary

  • Consistency in characters' appearance, back stories, actions, clothing etc.

  • Etymology checks for historical anachronisms (for historical manuscripts)

  • Consistency in hyphenations and spelling

  • Consistency in formatting - for example, the use of italics for signs or characters' thoughts

  • Check for word repetition and proper word usage

  • Style sheet of characters and place names included

Though a copyedit is not a critique or a developmental edit, as a reader, I will also question any inconsistencies in the plot and character arcs/actions.


Does your manuscript need one final check for pesky errors? Proofreading is a full check of your work to find mistakes that were missed during the editing process.

  • Punctuation

  • Formatting

  • Spelling

  • Continuity

  • Missing words and/or phrases.

Proofreading does not include stylistic checks, plot inconsistencies, or a style sheet. This is a final, "fresh" check of your manuscript for missed mistakes.


Copyedits are charged at a rate of $0.0103 per word.

This works out to approximately $500 for a 50,000 word manuscript and $1,000 for a 100,000 word manuscript.

Proofreading is charged at a rate of $0.0052 per word.

This works out to approximately $260 for a 50,000 word manuscript and $520 for a 100,000 word manuscript.

Payment is due in advance at the time of the contract signing.


Because I recognize that advance payment can be nerve-racking, I offer a FREE editing sample of 3-5 pages (1000-1200 words) for projects over 15,000 words.

This is to make sure you will be happy and satisfied with my work, and I'll be confident that I can help you polish your manuscript to a shine. It also gives us both the chance to ensure we'll be a good author/editor team.

I have a vested interest in my reputation as both an editor and author, so my ultimate goal is to establish a trustworthy, enjoyable, and mutually satisfactory relationship with my clients.


Copyedits up to 100,000 words - 2 weeks

Proofreads up to 100,000 words - 1 week

Rush work is available for an extra fee, if my schedule allows.


Contact me at nina AT for questions or to schedule your edit!


Check out the Editorial Freelancers Association page for a list of standard rates and guidelines:


Hiring Basics:

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