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I provide substantive copyediting and proofreading services for completed manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction.


This is a complete, thorough edit of your manuscript using Track Changes in Word. I do a minimum of two passes through your work to catch and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, continuity, word choice, awkward phrasing, and spelling.

  • Chicago Manual of Style

  • Merriam-Webster or Oxford English Dictionary

  • Consistency in characters' appearance, back stories, actions, clothing etc.

  • Etymology checks for historical anachronisms (for historical manuscripts)

  • Consistency in hyphenations and spelling

  • Consistency in formatting - for example, the use of italics for signs or characters' thoughts

  • Check for word repetition and proper word usage

  • Style sheet of characters and place names included

Though a copyedit is not a critique or a developmental edit, as a reader, I will also question any inconsistencies in the plot and character arcs/actions.

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