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My life's work has always come from my love of books and words. I'm a dedicated copyeditor and proofreader, a multi-published author, an art historian, a librarian, and an academic. I have thirty years of editing and writing experience.


Originally from California, I graduated from UCLA and UC Riverside before taking the plunge into a colder climate and earning my PhD from McGill University in Montreal.


I write contemporary romances under the names Nina Lane and Nina Lindsey, and I've published historical romances with Grand Central Publishing under the name Nina Rowan. Clearly, I can never answer to any name but "Nina."


I also hold an MA in Library and Information Sciences, which essentially means I love accuracy, details, and the theories of organization. I have a genuinely deep love for copyediting and catching errors; I am exceedingly scrupulous when it comes to polishing my own work, and I put the same painstaking effort into clients' manuscripts.

I live in Wisconsin with my atmospheric scientist husband, two children, and my dog Dasher, who sleeps on my office chair when I'm working.

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